Adventure, Survival, Bush craft and Fun.


This is what I did before the Yog retreat. Organized a hard core, get dirty, get wet and fight kind of survival CAMP. I am loving being back to who I truly am.

I was 23 when I got commissioned to the Army, when I got out a couple of years later, got myself a business degree and became a Banker, I had this wood paneled cabin. It had this nice dead wood kind of smell. Large ticket size deals, cushy plush places to make them. Currency swaps, forwards, even the terms sound so swanky now.

But somehow I knew I am not this. If it is about making money, I can do so doing what I love. You know the world scares you, the herd scares you. It does not want you to find your own. But then, what the hell, nobody can put a soldier down. We had this saying in the Army ” Commandoes never die, we just go to hell and regroup”.

Bloody hell , I regrouped myself and turned hell to my liking.


That’s me people , no swank, no wood panel office. I love the wood alive, the feel of mud and rain.


No offence meant to being swanky and banker and what not, but then that was just not me. It is about being what one likes to be. It is a matter of gathering the courage to do what one wants to do.


IMAG0105 (2)

A few of my friends who braved the challenge. Bravo to all of you gentlemen.

IMAG0097 (2)

The inquisitive local kids who came to look at us crazy people. IMAG0256

The journey is on. And I walk. Join me .

Bless me.



I am back, And hey I did not die people. But yes had been through hell. And being a veteran loved it. I left Army some 11 years back, and then got my post grad from the best business school in the country. Then on been a banker, not very exciting (nothing can be as exciting as the Army) but yea you got to get bread on the table! may be a little cake and pastries etc. too if you know what I mean. My art, my journey through the labyrinths of the mind, was somehow on those heavy chains, which drag and make those sounds, those ominous sounds.

But hey it was time to reinvent. Routine is boring. 11 years of routine, I mean why did I even thought I could live like that. That was not me Man I must say its past ! I chucked it. Started on my own. A new beginning. I feel like a flower in fresh bloom now. Doing what I always wanted to do .

I Started a company and we design experiences. Wild ones. Dreamy ones. And now spiritual ones too.

We also did design some Bush craft stuff and some really tough wilderness survival trainings in the toughest of terrains, and then I remembered of this really forgotten place I had in the foothills of the Himalayas. With pristine white sand beach of its own on the banks of the river Ganges.


Turned it in to beautiful campsite for retreats and what the hell, threw open a Yoga retreat . It was amazing. The whole experience.


How do you quantify and explain in words when physical wellness come and sit down with the spirituality and then stare you in the face.


When breathing is therapy and the mind is one with the body.

DSC01950DSC01742 We had these wonderful Anviksiki sessions, combined with meditation and Yin Yog in the evening on the white beach which went on till late in the most beautiful moonlit evening.


Jammed till late at night post dinner with flutes and claps and around the fire.


I had the most wonderful of instructors on my retreat , and they were such beautiful souls too.


That’s my son with his friends, he is responsible for designing the activities , apart from making movies and drone coverage of the event.


I must say I am hooked , so people this is very much a part of me now. I will throw many more retreats open. And in a lot of beautiful locations. Maybe a few yoga studios with Art and Yog as theme. Internationally.

Bless me people.

And do tell if what I need to do more to make it exciting.







Varanasi has a soul to itself. And most ancient cities have but there is something different to this city or town or whatever one might muse it to be. Spend some time on the Ghats and you will realize that there are some feelings you just can’t express in words. I came across this man sitting and just gazing into infinity. Just watching him can send you into a state of Mesmer, and I thought I have to somehow capture the stare, that look. The strength which a man’s eyes may or may not elude. But then constitute the whole of humanity in its stare.

And thus I painted, The ‘ArdhBhaag’.