Telling a tale I don’t know of.


Let go. Let go. Let go. I did just that. No rules, no imagery just the subconscious guiding the fingers, just nothing, may be not even my subconscious. There are things which just happen sometimes, and one may never know why. A few things which I may not even care if they look good or not. That’s not the purpose. Its like talking to yourself through a canvas. If you know what I mean.

I may never put it up for public viewing, in a gallery or I just may. I don’t know why but after doing this I am still struggling to come back.

4 thoughts on “Telling a tale I don’t know of.

  1. Eerie. Holding shadows close in a slow dance.

    As for being “good,” here is what poet John Berryman told younger poet WS Merwin:

    Merwin: How will I know if anything I write is any good?

    Berryman: You won’t. You won’t ever know if anything you write is any good. You’ll die without knowing. If you have to know, don’t write.

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