Smother’s Day

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I have re-blogged this post . And reading the original post I had to dedicate my painting to the feelings expressed in the blog. I am not going to write anything else on this post, since the original post says it all. I pay my respects with my painting .

residency slide show 003Mother’s Day is fast approaching, the first Mother’s Day since my mother’s passing. I am trying to get all of the dread out of they way so that day doesn’t feel so bad when it gets here. I bought fake flowers and made an arrangement for her grave. I did that last week. So that’s done.

The cemetery where my mom is buried is a sea of fake flowers. Every grave has an arrangement in varying degrees of sun-faded hues. I think it is supposed to be comforting and beautiful that every soul is recognized, but somehow it makes me feel even more sad. It is a facade. You can leave those fake flowers for months without changing them if you wanted to, no one would know the difference. Then you could walk away and forget them for a while. As if.

I am the worst kind of daughter. I…

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