Concious , Subconcious and the Self



Dr Mc Taggart in his book “Studies in Hegelian Cosmology” explains the self, thus, and I quote,

‘ What does the self include, Everything of which it is conscious. What does it exclude? Equally-Everything of which of which it is conscious. What can it say is not inside it? Nothing. What can it say is not outside it. A single abstraction. And any attempt to remove the paradox destroys the self. For the two sides are inevitably connected. If we try to make it a distinct individual by separating it from all other things, it loses all content, of which it can be conscious, and so loses the very individuality which we started by trying to preserve. If, on the other hand, we try to save its content, by emphasizing the inclusion at the expense of the inclusion, then the consciousness vanishes; and since the self has no contents, but the objects of which it is conscious, the content vanishes also’

How does one bring this thought to the canvas. I painted it to make myself understand the Hegelian concept of the self. Its like, when a child attempts to decipher an idea through pictures. Maybe it makes more sense to me now.

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