O-4392Nothing is more important than life , nothing. One can only realize this point, if one can learn to confront death every day. And this is the way of life of Aghoris, The most feared and the most respected clan of sadhus or ascetics of India , the Aghori sadhus are notorious for their uncommon and grisly rituals they perform as a part and parcel of their religious routine, enough to arouse curiosity and awe among the public.

I was moved to paint the waiting sadhus, as if it was by providence that I had to. The wait, and still there is this feeling of contentment, as if the destination does not matter, absolutely no sense of anxiety towards moving to the next moment. Its here and now. Still there is a wait. It is this paradox which does not remain one for those who walk the path.

And it had to be in earth colors, but then how does it matter where the paradoxes stop being themselves.

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